Benefits of Using Credit Cards

03 Jan

This is a payment card that is issued to the cardholder by the bank so that they can make payments for the goods and services they are willing to purchase. Other than making payments, the cardholders can also be granted a cash advance by the bank. These cards combine the payment of services and goods with an addition of credit from the bank. This card has a 16 digit number that needs to be kept secret by the user at all times. Credit cards allow the buyer a continuing balance of debt as it is different from a charge card where one has to fully pay the bill each month. Credit cards have a certain interest that is always being charged thus making the cardholder always in debt. Banks or credit unions always come into an agreement with merchants so that they can accept their credit cards. By displaying acceptable marks and logos the merchant advertises the cards they accept.

Once an account for getting scotiabank visa balance credit card has been approved by the bank, the customer is given the card in which doesn't need to be of the same entity as the bank. From there onwards, the customer can now start making purchases from merchants who accept the cards. The cardholder then makes the impression of paying by signing a receipt that holds a record of the card details and indicates the amount to be paid. Through the fast developing technology, merchants nowadays use the electronic verification system to check whether the card is valid or not and whether the cardholder has sufficient funds to cover the purchase. The customer's card authentication is done using a card payment terminal or a point-of-sale (POS) system that has communication links with the merchant's acquiring bank.

 During each month the customer is sent a short statement from the bank that carries with it the purchases that were made with the card, any outstanding fees and the total amount that is owed.  Be sure to check it out!

The cardholder then must pay be defined minimum amount that is owed by a certain date. Also they can arrange in such a way that the owed money is directly deducted from their bank account as long as the cardholder has ample funds. If the cardholder makes full payment of the minimum owed amount, then the bank does not impose any interest charges as opposed to those that fail to make the payment in due time. They will charge full interest on the whole outstanding balance from the date of each purchase. Any customer is advised to apply for low-interest credit cards if they do not want to have a complicated financial instrument with many balance sectors each having a different interest charge rate. For more insights regarding credit cards, visit

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